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Village Hall Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Hire


To make a booking
• To book the hall a completed booking form is required. This will be emailed to you following your initial enquiry. By returning this form you are deemed to be accepting these Terms and Conditions of Hire.
• The scale of charges is published on the website, and can be found by following the link to Village Hall. There are two payment rates, standard and commercial.
• For multiple/regular bookings, invoices with payment instructions will be issued at the end of the month following your hire. For all other bookings, payment must be made at the time of booking and payment details will be given when you confirm. If you prefer, payment in cash can be arranged.
• The Committee reserves the right to refuse a booking if they consider that the proposed event might be detrimental to the immediate neighbourhood.

Cancellation policy
• It is important that you let us know if you cancel your event so we do not incur unnecessary heating costs for the hall. The Committee reserves the right to charge for ‘no-shows’ or last minute cancellations.

Practical matters
• The hall will be opened for you at the arranged time and will be locked afterwards. In some circumstances you may be given the code for the key safe in which case it will be your responsibility to lock up and replace the key in the safe after your event.
• On the day of the event the hall heating will be set appropriately. Please do not alter the thermostat settings.
• Please return the hall as you find it. The hall is run by a small group of volunteers and there is no janitor to clear up after you. If the hall is left in an unsatisfactory condition, the Committee reserves the right to charge you for additional cleaning and/or repairs to any damage. Please report any damage to the Bookings Coordinator.

• All tables and chairs should be returned to their original storage positions. If you require time to set up and replace furniture before and after your event, please allow for this within your booking.

• The kitchen should be left clean and tidy, with any used crockery or cutlery washed, dried and returned to the cupboards/drawers. All kitchen surfaces should be wiped and any food in the fridge removed.

• If tablecloths or other linen are used, these should be laundered and returned as soon as possible.

• Floors should be swept, all lights in the building switched off and all doors shut.

• Any rubbish from your event should be bagged and put outside in the wheelie bins. If the bins are full, please take your rubbish home with you. There is a recycling station across the road in The Avenue.

• Bouncy castles - please note that the maximum height of a bouncy castle must be no higher than 9 feet or 12feet by 12 feet to fit under/within lights. Please check this carefully before booking.

• Please note that unfortunately we cannot allow the use of sparklers, indoor fireworks and cake fountains etc as they set of the fire alarms.

* Unfortunately it is not possible to borrow items from the Village Hall for use in other locations. This is due to items not being covered by insurance outwith the hall, and to ensure that the Hall remains fully equipped for all users.


Regulatory requirements

• To comply with fire regulations, a maximum of 100 people is allowed in the hall at any time, although space permits for only around 70 seated.

• Fire action plans are posted throughout the building and it is your responsibility to ensure that all attendees at your event are familiar with these. All fire exits must remain clear of obstruction and all fire doors must remain shut.

• If your event involves the sale of alcohol, you are legally required to apply to East Lothian Council for an Occasional Alcohol Licence and this must be displayed prominently at your event. No licence is required if alcohol is dispensed without charge (for example at a private party).

• Due to hygiene regulations, food cannot be prepared from raw ingredients on the premises, although the re-heating of prepared food is permitted.

• It is your responsibility to assess the risks associated with your event so as to ensure the safety of your attendees.

• If you are holding an event for profit, you must ensure that you have your own public liability insurance.

• The Committee is not liable for any loss or damage to your property whilst you are using the hall.


Gifford Community Association

Registered Charity No. SC012581

March 2023

Download our Terms & Conditions here

Download our Hall Rates here


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