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Let's Brighten Up December!

What's on in Gifford this Christmas?

Our Christmas Tree will be here as usual, but because we can't have our other usual Christmas celebrations, we're pleased to bring you two new events, specially for this year. Groups around the village, including Gifford Community Council and Gifford Horticultural Society, and all our local businesses, are working together to try to bring a little Christmas cheer to the village.

​Here’s what’s going on in December….

4th December - Gifford’s Christmas Tree lights go on

4-11th December - “Twelve Days of Gifford’s Christmas” competition

Gifford's businesses and organisations around the High Street and Main Street will be hiding a picture card referring to one of the Twelve Days of Christmas in their windows. Can you find them all? The trail sheet will be available from Hoggs or you will be able to download it from the website. And there will be prizes!

12-20th Dec - “Gifford’s Christmas Gardens” Trail

Following the success of the Scarecrow and Hallowe'en Trails, let's make the village a sight to behold this Christmas!

We're asking people to decorate their front garden, windows or doors so that they are visible from the road. You will be able to download a map showing trail entries, complete with voting slip here or pick up a copy from Hoggs. There will also be free mini torches available in Hoggs for the children, thanks to the Community Council.

Everyone will be able to vote for their favourite entries and there will be prizes!

You will be able to enter your decorations into the Trail between 1st - 9th December (this is the deadline for appearing on the map; you can still take part after this date, you just won't be on the map!).​


  • 1-9th December - Open for entries (via form in Hoggs or online)

  • 12th December - Trail starts and maps available (maps online, maps and torches in Hoggs)

  • 12-20th December - Trail voting is open

  • 21st December - Votes counted and winner(s) announced!

Displays continue over Christmas holidays

​Visit the event page on the website here to find out how to take part!

or if you have any questions, please email

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